Alistair Robin du Loxley




Alistair Robin du Loxley is the eldest son of the current Earl of Huntingdon, himself a former member of the Empire Club. Alistair, sometimes called Les, was born in 1896. His father, and the local gamekeeper, taught him to shoot, hunt and track beginning at a young age. One of the family traditions is, or at least was big game hunting. And Les bagged some large animals while still in his early teens.

But then while in his college years at Eton, the Great War erupted, and Les followed in yet another family tradition. Serving the Crown in time of war. His father discussed about making sure he stayed behind the lines, but Les argued that was unworthy, and his father reluctantly agreed. So Les was in the trenches, and despite being an officer, he quickly became a sniper, due to his uncanny ability to shoot. He came away from the War no longer interested in hunting, save for the occasional meal for hungry people. And while he did not relish killing men, he did become convinced that sometimes some men need to be stopped by any means necessary. For the greater good, of course. And he is willing to do it so others do not have to suffer any guilt.

His family is still dear to him, including his younger brother and sister, Miles and Susanna, though his mother wishes he would spend more time in England, finding a wife and settling down. After all, once his father becomes too old, someone has to take the seat in the House of Lords, run the estate, etc. Les knows it is a responsibility, but part of him dreads the prospect. His brother is a smart man, capable, full of integrity, and Les is even considering relinquishing his claim. But he can’t bring himself to that extreme. At least not yet.

So he currently travels the world, adventuring, trying to emulate their most legendary ancestor, who despite no actual proof, the family swears existed. He doesn’t exactly rob the rich and give to the poor, but he tries to help those in need. His quick wit helps him to keep people from getting too close, as well as charming the ladies. His greatest flaw, and one he is keenly aware of, is his cavalier treatment of the fairer sex. Once he has successfully charmed a woman, it is like a hunt that has come to an end. He rapidly loses interest. And then his eyes light up at the next pretty thing he spies…

Les has spent enough time in rough places that he can hold his own in a garden variety brawl, knows how to fence and use a knife, and is a very good man with a sidearm. But long guns are his forte, and he almost never misses. He prefers a Mauser he acquired from a German sniper he killed in the war, with its large scope, though he also has a Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), for when he needs to send a lot of lead downrange to a specific area. He can move silently, unseen, and track it if it touches the ground. Heck, even birds can be tracked from their droppings on occasion. Riding since he was a child, Alistair is an accomplished horseman.

Besides the King’s English, he speaks fluent French, passable German and Swahili, can make himself understood in most countries where the British Empire still has a presence, and can swear in dozens of other languages.

Alistair Robin du Loxley

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