Dr. Curtis Mallory


Dr. Curtis Mallory is in his 40s. He is a Caucasian, 6’ tall. He is thin and not muscular. He does not exercise with any great regularity.


Mallory had a very privileged childhood growing up the son of a rich banker in Westchester, NY. He still lives on his parent’s estate, but he lives in servant’s courters. Having turned much of the living space into a laboratory/workshop. His older sister Marguerite “Peggy” and her husband Todd run the household. He has a good relationship with his sister, though they often bicker, but he has a colder more business like relationship with Todd because he’s not a very unimaginative person who sees the world in very limited terms and he has taken over the family banking business and become “the son his father never had.”

Mallory is a WWI veteran. He was drafted at 18 and ended up in the Engineering corps and spent the war disarming landmines and booby traps. The war caused him to dislike guns and violence. But he can and will fight when necessary. He is extremely curious and this often causes him to act bravely.

His mother died in the 1918 flu outbreak. She was dead when Mallory returned from WWI and he was devastated that she died when he was away. He threw himself into his studies after this.

His father is retired. He still lives in the residence and spends most of his time in his library/study reading. Despite Mallory’s many successes his father still thinks he should have become a banker. And he considers Malloy’s inventions to be “useless can-openers” or “fantasies from one of my scientific romances.”

Mallory is a brilliant inventor, tinkerer, and scientist. He has a PhD from Yale in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and masters in Physics, and Chemistry.

Mallory makes a living off of licensing patents for his inventions to corporations. This allows him the freedom to work on whatever project catches his attention/imagination.

Mallory is happy to spend all of his time in his basement laboratory working on his inventions and forgetting to eat or sleep.

However, sometimes his passion extends to vigorous real world testing of his inventions. For instance when he invented several nozzles for fireman that made their hoses more efficient, Mallory insisted on becoming a fireman for a couple weeks to test them out.

Mallory often seems awkward socially; this is because his mind often wanders to physics or chemical formulas or improvements for his latest invention.

Mallory is unmarried and not seeing anyone. Dating has never been a priority but he does have a weakness for beautiful blondes.

Dr. Curtis Mallory

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