Jack "Flapjack" Sullivan




Jack is a sparky young lad in his late 20s.

Born in Chicago, his father, Joseph Sullivan, ran an Autobody shop. And at an early age, Jack was learning how to maintain, and operate a car. Jack had a knack for fixing cars, and he was expected to inherate the family business. Yet to Jack, working on cars wasn’t enough. He always felt like he belonged behind the wheel of one of those vehicles. Like he could feel the Heart of the machine. And on occasion, he would take their client’s cars on a Joy ride, which is father would severely discipline him for.

Yet his path took an interesting turn for better or worse, as crime and violence from the Prohibition grew. A childhood friend of his, Vincent Turner, (often referred to by his initials V.T.) was less fortunate. V.T.‘s parents got killed in the cross fire between the mob, and the police. V.T. began to make liquor, as he had no other professional skill, and when he decided to sell to the mob, He convinced Jack to borrow one of his client’s vehicles, in order to get them there. Making it his first job as a bootlegger.

In their confrontation with the mob, the boss “John Reichert” found out about Jack’s autoshop, And decided to use it as a front, while staging vehicles for bootlegging. And as a result, his whole family got strong armed into working for the Mob. To Jack, it was like a happy accident. His was able to drive really nice cars, even though he was just a chauffeur for the big wigs. And in the bootlegging operation, he proved to the mob that he was the fastest shine runner in the city. By the time he reached adult hood, he already was recognized as a full fledged member of the mob.

But over time, confrontations become more violent, and he began losing the people around him. His father never approved of the mobs rule, and eventually decided he would rather live in poverty than in the comfort of mobs wealth. He eventually turned up dead on the streets, though it was never clear who killed him. Next was his friend V.T. who got burned alive when a rival Mob torched their distillery. After that, he began to lament the violence and decided he wanted out.

He intended to make his escape look like another bootlegging run. Packing away as much of V.T.’s Liquor as a memento. But by chance encounter, he encountered a young girl who was tied up in the store house. (He later learned that she was the daughter of a wealthy factory owner. And she was being held for ransom) Jack decided, (either out of sympathy or spite for the mob) to take her with him. In a daring escape where he outran both the police, and the mob itself.

In gratitude for his daughters safe return, The Business owner “Henry Edgeworth” decided he would higher Jack as a chauffeur and bodyguard. As well as help him create a clean slate. And again, Jack saw this as a happy accident. finding he chose a good time to leave the mob, as it collapsed soon after the prohibition ended.


Jack has a knack for just about anything involving 4 wheels. He can soup up a vehicle well beyond it’s original manufactured capabilities, and perhaps the only one who could handle those vehicles at high speeds. He is proficient with a revolver, which he learned to use while working for the mob. And while he’s only an average Marksmen by most standards, He became adept at shooting from a moving vehicle, as well a disabling a vehicle with a well placed shot.

Quirk: He was given the Nickname Flapjack, because his favorite food is pancakes.

Jack "Flapjack" Sullivan

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